We Offer internship in the following countries:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Burundi


Below are our standard rates for all the 4 countries that we are offering the Internship/Volunteering programs.

  • Volunteer Programs Locations Starting Prices
    Work in Orphanage Nairobi $145
    Teach English Nairobi or Maasai land $145
    Wildlife Volunteer Project Lumo $800
    Medical Volunteer Project Nairobi or Maasai land $145
    HIV/AIDS Volunteer Project Nairobi $145
    Community development Maasai land $145
    Cultural conservation Maasai land $145
    Missions Abroad Kenya $145
    Building Classrooms Abroad Rural Kenya $145
    Hands on Medical Volunteer Abroad $799

    Special Programs (Volunteer + Travel, Group)

    Summer : Volunteer and Travel 4 Weeks $1,500
    Mini – Volunteer and Travel Escapes 2 Weeks Starts at $679
    Volunteer and Safari in Kenya 2 Weeks $1,300
    Family Volunteering 1-12 Weeks Starts at $250
    Alternative Spring Break 1 Week Starts at $145
    High School Volunteering 1-4 Weeks Starts at $145
    College/University Volunteering 1-4 Weeks Starts at $145

Other Fee

Airport Pickup within Nairobi US$ 50

Airport Pickup outside Nairobi US$ 80

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