• Pay as low as $100 per week to volunteer
  • Pay directly to the projects and host families
  • Help to raise fund for poor orphanages, school, and other NGOs

Do you want to discover the best that Africa has to offer in a small, stunning location? Enroll in our very affordable and enriching program in Uganda and you’ll also find out why others call Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

The Uganda is famous for giant silverback Gorillas, and as the region the great river Nile originates, fed by snow-capped mountains. In Uganda, you can also take a boat in Lake Victoria to amazing Sesse Islands and marvel at many different ethnic groups and over forty different languages that are spoken in the country. English though still remains the lingua franca. The capital city of Kampala is vibrant and modern and starting point for many adventures in Uganda.Uganda is also famous for rampant poverty despite the impressive economic growth of late. The country needs help and dedicated volunteers to prosper. African Safe Travel works with local, grassroots organization to offer many meaningful programs like teaching English to students of poor families, work in orphanage, health project and HIV/AIDS project.
Join our program and uplift the lives of deprived people while enriching your own life through the experience. You will not only discover stunning sceneries but also immerse in local culture and understand the country intimately.

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