• Pay as low as $90 per week to volunteer
  • Pay directly to the projects and host families
  • Help to raise fund for poor orphanages, school, and other NGOs

Discover a country of remarkable diversity in landscapes, wildlife and cultures and some of the friendliest people.
Kenya contains mountains, deserts, tribal cultural and beaches. It is also known for national parks where wildlife roam in abundance. Needless to say, tourism is the main stay of the country but Kenya also has good education system, independent judiciary and press. Despite all this, Kenya suffers from economy that is weak and a society divided along tribal lines. Deprivation is also widespread and many people struggle to eke out enough to survive. This has given rise to some of the largest slums in the world in Nairobi and other urban areas. But there is also hope as government in Kenya is more accountable to its people than other neighboring countries. Grassroots communities are also fighting poverty to build a better future. African Safe Travels International works with these organizations to offer volunteer placements to anyone who wants to experience this fascinating developing country. Be a volunteer in Kenya and live an African dream of exploring a country of fascinating diversity and helping the disadvantaged. The experience will not only change you but it will stay with you forever.



Below are our standard rates for all the 4 countries that we are offering the Internship/Volunteering programs.

Weeks Our Rates  
  1 Week   $95  
  2 Weeks   $180  
  3 Weeks   $270  
  4 Weeks   $350  
  Additional Week  is $80 USD.



Other Fee

Airport Pickup US$ 80

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