Explore the Excursion in Africa in a Unique Way with Us

Are you pondering a well-known destination that can give you a pleasant experience of a tour? Kenya is one of the most accessible places in the world which is blessed by the nature that offers the most fascinating wildlife experience. If you want to experience the true meaning of excursion in Africa, you should be witnessed of amazing wildlife at least once in your lifetime. Game reserves and national parks are the main attraction of Kenya, from around the world visitors love to come to spend their valuable vacations surrounding fresh breathtaking sceneries. Would you like to hear the odd voices of wildlife in the natural habitat? Visitors have a chance to enjoy the wildlife roaming in the Kenyan reserve and wild beast migration in July and October. At the Kenya safari tour, they have a chance to understand the African culture and their spoken local languages.

Foreign exchange by tourism is the main income source of Kenya and a record number of tourist spots enchant to visitors during their tour. Kenya has emerged as one of the great travel destinations where people come for safari & honeymoon, summer & winter vacations from around the world including France, Germany, The United States, The UK, Sweden, Spain, etc. African safe travels offer visitors an unmatched & an adventurous safari tour in Kenya, which is full of big games, stunning scenery, and fascinating history and culture. From budget hotels to luxury, facility hotels provide the best accommodations. There are more than 19 national parks situated in Kenya including game reserves and Great Rift Valley. There are various destinations African safari travels offer including:

Masai Mara Game reserve: During the Kenya travel Africa tour, people have the desire first to visit this place in the dry season. Masai Mara is not the largest in Kenya but counted the best one and related to Masai tribes people and river Mara. It is a famous hub of Kenya safari tourists for lions and other members of the big five and rare species of birds. No Masai Mara safari tour is complete without the experience of wonderful migration of over a million wildebeests and hundreds of thousands of Thmson’s Gazelle and Zebra in the natural habitat.

Why should you choose Masai Mara national reserve?

You won’t believe, during the July and November every year, more than 1.5 million animals arrive in this place as a part of the annual migration from the plains of the Serengeti.

Things to do there?

Visitors have a chance to explore the experience of traditional guided game drives in an open-sided safari vehicle it is considered as one of the most popular activities there. African safari travels offer the daily excursion at the best times for wildlife viewing.

Nairobi National Park: Since 1946, it is one of the oldest national parks located in the capital city of Nairobi that provides the most unique safari destinations in Africa. More than 400 bird species, almost all wild animals you can watch there. It has a great chance to see the Walking of the hyena, black rhinoceros, cheetah, leopard, and lion, diverse bird species other wild animals on there.

Why visit Nairobi National Park?

Everybody would like to see the wildlife in the fresh & a natural environment while skyscrapers buildings stand tall in the background? It can be a great opportunity for visitors to take some incredible photographs.

Amboseli Nation Park: It is counted as one of the visited parks among the tourist places which crowned by Mount Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. During this tour, tourists have a golden chance to close the view of large herds of elephants. The visitors can visit this place at any time of year; don’t miss the chance to view of Kilimanjaro in the morning and late afternoon in the wet season of months. On the border with Tanzania, Amboseli is located in the north-west of Mount Kilimanjaro and covered more than 392 square km area. The wildlife activity can count on the wide-scale in the dry season.

Lake Nakuru national park: It was established in 1961, it has emerged one of the main attraction of the African safari trip and covered by the lake and mountains include a lot of the savannahs. It covered more than 188 sq. Kms area and a good amount of wildlife has increased on a wide level. It is famous for its huge & stunning flocks of Lesser Flamingo, Hippo, water buck, black and white rhinos, buffalo, leopard, lion, Rothschild’s giraffe, warthog, large python snakes and more than 400 other species of birdlife can be spotted there. Visitors can easily access this wonderful national park by tarmac road from Nairobi. It is the only lonely national park that is completely covered by fenced due to keeping out poachers and helpful to protect from the rhino population.

Lake Bogoria Nation Reserve: One of the best national reserves in Kenya which is famous for hot springs and geysers that attracts tourists. Most of all areas covered by the lake in the reserve which are always attract to the tourist by the blue-green microscopic algae in the lake. Visitors have a great chance to participate in various activities related to fun including camping, picnicking, walks, game drives and bird watching. Due to the abundance of bird species, it has become an ornithologist’s paradise.

From the transport facility to the tour guide, we are responsible to provide the all facilities to visitors. Making your tour more memorable is our responsibility, you deserve more than expectations. However, don’t miss a chance to view the wildlife animals in natural habitat as well as be a witness to the wonderful migration of wild animals. In Kenya, there are so many national reserves; spectacular natural legacy destinations will enchant you that can’t expect in other locations. If you wildlife lover, Kenya tour can leave a memory in your mind that can’t forget for your entire life if you want to choose a customized tour, we would like to assist you.