In African countries, people are facing a lack of oral health problems, due to an absence of awareness that why Children and adults are at high risks. According to the research, more than 3.58 billion people worldwide are the victim of oral diseases and conditions. A dental healthcare volunteer program is one of the best programs around the globe. If you have dental background, student or dentist and looking for a safe, well-planned and great volunteer opportunity abroad, do you have a wish to bring a change in needed people’s lives? African safe travels can help you opt for a budget-friendly volunteer program in Kenya. It will not help you improve your dental skills, but also you can connect emotionally with them. Select a life-changed volunteer program that will give boost your career as well as you feel more confident. It is time to immerse yourself in an amazing culture and experience life uniquely. During your volunteer, tour, you have a chance to learn more dental techniques under professional dentist’s guidance.

By giving your precious contribution you can help poor communities and orphan children who have a lack of medical facilities. Don’t miss out a chance of life-changing opportunity; give a hand to someone who has to need you most. If you are passionate about helping others, why you don’t show your dental skills to maintain smiles and promote good oral health?

How can you assist people in Kenya?

You can participate in an oral health care program in remote areas of Africa to promote oral diseases and other issues that affect daily life. You can initiate a medical camp in slum areas for underprivileged people and provides the direct treatment. Other dental volunteering activities are:

  1. Treatment of serious dental issue
  2. Runs an oral health care awareness program
  3. Proper cleaning of dental equipment
  4. Provide the support to dental hygienists
  5. X-ray, root canals and scaling


As well asĀ  African safe travels invite you for therapy volunteer opportunities in Africa, good news for all therapy volunteers, we would like to assign you a project to help those people who are suffering from different disabilities and injuries that need always appropriate therapy methods that can bring a positive impact on the quality of patient lives. Some so many vulnerable people are unable to participate in social activities and can’t find the job due to disabilities, join our therapy project and work with the disabled people in the remote and slum areas to improve the quality of lives. Share your skills and experience and express your high sympathy for them.