East African country Kenya is one of the wonderful travel destinations that offer us various incredible landscapes, amazing safari tours, fantastic hiking, thousands of flora & fauna and world-class beaches. Choosing volunteers abroad in Kenya have dual benefits, at the same time; you can enjoy the pleasant wildlife tour with a volunteer project. There are various medical volunteer programs run based on the candidate’s interest and profession. Would you like to put your medical skills to the test supporting the health care team in Africa? If you are looking for the dental healthcare abroad program or physiotherapy volunteering abroad mission, African safe travels would like to assign a hands-on project. After joining the program you have a great chance to work with the local clinic, hospitals, medical camps, stretched healthcare teams on the group or individual. Utilizing your skills with limited resources and a huge demand for services will boost your career & knowledge. There are so many underprivileged areas where medical facilities are the most awaited thing, joining of these projects will help them to control the flow of these services.

Why should you join the Volunteer abroad program?

With the beautiful creature and amazing atmosphere, unfortunately, more than half of the population is surviving below the poverty line and conditions are so critical there. Inadequate health care services for low-income families  living in rural & urban areas of Kenya. The government of Kenya has constructed many hospitals and clinics in these areas, but the understaffed and overcrowded of patients are common there that why allow volunteer opportunities for volunteers.

During medical volunteering in Kenya, you may get to work on live projects with the local doctors and medical professionals. As a volunteer, you work as a shadow of these professionals and will get rewarding medical volunteering experience in saving the lives of those that have nowhere else to turn.

Skills and qualifications for Dental health care abroad

A lack of knowledge about oral health care and education is arising from the issue of various kinds of oral problems among people & children in Kenya. According to a survey, more than 3.58 billion people are struggling with some or other oral disease. As we know all the diseases start from the oral first, to avoid this serious issue, we need to promote the oral Healthcare to the world that why African safe Travels offer the Dental health care abroad project to medical students.

If you are looking for the dental healthcare abroad program, you must have a medical background as a dental student, dental assistant, dental profession or other medical students.

You are Role: Observing the patient’s condition, Maintenance of dental equipment, root canals and scaling, dental health screenings, routine checkup, performing routine tasks in various departments at hospitals, clinics, and community outreach programs, extractions, joining the dental camps as an assistant.

Join an awareness program to spread the oral infection issue and other knowledge with the community people as well as you can exchange your knowledge with the other volunteers and dental professionals. When you will assist the patients your family & friends will appreciate your deeds as well as you may take the place in the heart of your patients.

Benefits of joining the Dental volunteer abroad project: By utilizing your experience and knowledge you can bring the smile on thousands of faces as well as you can develop your skills. Working on a live project is the best way to improve the work experience. During your project, you will deal with new cases that you may not experience before as well as you learn how to control the emotions and how to treat your patient well in any critical condition.

Physiotherapy volunteering abroad: There are so many disabled or injured people in Kenya, their lives have been affected by some or other accidents, we have needed the physiotherapists who are responsible to provide the physiotherapy services to needed people and after one certain age people suffer from joint pain, back pain, and other issues, to overcome of this issue, Doctor advised the physiotherapy. If you are looking for physiotherapy volunteering abroad, African safe travels can assign your project as per your expectations.

Tasks you need to perform:

  1. As a physiotherapy volunteer, you will help patients recover from injury or accident.
  2. Helps to organize therapeutic physical exercise sessions.
  3. Give a necessary massage to the patient.
  4. Prepare the reports


How can you apply for Physiotherapy volunteering abroad: If you are studying or have a physiotherapy degree, you can register with us for your ambitious project?

Types of volunteer projects:

  1.  Teaching volunteer in Kenya
  2.  Support Community services
  3.  Biodiversity conservation
  4.  Animal & wildlife conservation
  5.  Childcare program
  6.  Healthcare medical program
  7.  Charity
  8.  HIV/AIDS volunteer program
  9.  Orphanage volunteering project.


As a volunteer when you join the volunteer program, you will meet the new life challenges that will leave the impact on your life for a long time. When you work in opposite conditions with the different cultural people, you can highlight these volunteer programs in your profile that do not give boost your CV but also able to handle the critical situation if occurs.

Overall, you can join our medical volunteer programs as per your choice, there are various projects are available for the volunteers according to their interest. As well as volunteer projects you can visit some amazing, wonderful tourist destinations such as a Masai Mara national reserve, Amboseli national reserve, Lake Nakuru national park, Lamu Island, Mount Kenya national park, Lake Naivasha, Samburu, buffalo springs and Shaba national reserves. During your safari tour, you will be a witness of amazing wildebeest migration in Masai Mara in the natural Habitat including Big Five (African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/black rhinoceros). People are humble here and your local staff will support you when you need. Join our volunteer project and see the difference in your life and skills. If you want to bring your career to the next level, it can be a golden opportunity for you.